10 Ways to Improve Your Website's Return Visitor Rate

10 Ways to Improve Your Website’s Return Visitor Rate

Returning visitors are crucial to the success of your online business. This guide explores some of the critical steps you can take to boost the return visitor rate on your website. 

For a successful website, you need a substantial rate of returning users. The returning visitor rate highlights whether or not your marketing campaign is a success. In addition, a high return visitor rate suggests that users find your content interesting, engaging, and valuable. 

A returning visitor is also 75% more likely to commit to purchasing compared to a new visitor. They may even buy a higher number of items, with a study by Barilliance suggesting that returning visitors will add over 60% more times. 

While there is no specific set standard for the rate of returning visitors, an RVR below 25% usually suggests an issue with your website. So let’s explore some of the key steps you can take to boost a low RVR. 

1. Get Follows Through Social Media 

First, you should consider using social media to boost RVR. According to Monster Insights, social media drives more than 30% of traffic to websites when used the right way. Keeping active on social media will allow you to remain connected to customers and bring them back to your site. For example, you can use slide-in pop-ups on your site to lead customers to your social pages after they visit your site. 

2. Work On Your Blogs 

Content will keep customers returning to your site. If your site doesn’t have appealing or engaging content, your customers will have no reason to return. The key to ensuring you are creating the right content is research. Use trending concepts and help blogs to provide relevance for your target audience. You can also create content personas to understand your audience more. 

Blogs provide an excellent resource for valuable customer content. Thoughtful blog content not only keeps customers coming back but also improves how search engines view your site. Over time, high-value blog content can improve your rankings in search engine searches. 

3. Deliver Incentives

Who doesn’t like getting gifts? Incentives will always give customers a reason to return. There are lots of different types of incentives, such as discounts or coupons on the next purchase. These can be provided through a pop-up window or a live chat solution. 

A common, easy incentive for visitors is to provide a free downloadable document such as a white paper or e-book. Free digital files offer valuable information to your customers, and it’s a very cost-effective method of enticing them to come back for more freebies in the future.

4. Retargeting

You might want to use retargeting ads to boost your RVR. Retargeting allows you to display ads for your business website as customers continue to search online. Google Display Retargeting is one of the most popular solutions that could work for your company. A cookie will be placed on the user’s browser so that the right ad will always reappear. Targeted ads related to a product or service a customer was interested in can be highly effective. 

5. Fix Your Website’s UX 

If you have a poor website interface, then this is always going to increase your bounce rate. Potential customers will go to your site but leave right away. Fixing navigation problems, accessibility issues, and overall design requires a complete restructuring of your business website. To do this, you need to take note of where returning visitors leave the site. Documenting trouble pages will highlight areas of your site that need to be corrected. A free resource available to website owners to determine this is Google Analytics. It may be best to consult a web developer to help plan and implement any fixes needed for more complex issues.

6. Use A Chatbot

You could consider adding a chatbot to your website. With a chatbot, you can also improve the user experience. You’ll guarantee users find what they’re looking for quickly, and you can even ask users to rate content. Polling customers helps improve your offering and ensures they feel heard. Depending on the Chatbot service used, it also provides a way to track issues and build leads. 

7. Publish New Content Regularly 

Keeping your website fresh will ensure users keep checking back for new information. According to research, companies that publish more than 16 posts each month will receive over three times more visitors than those that post just four times a month. However, be aware that if you’re publishing content in bulk, it still needs to maintain quality. Issues here will make your website look like spam. On the other hand, regular high-quality blog content has a natural halo effect and will boost repeat customer visits and improve search engine rankings.

8. Use An Email Newsletter 

Email marketing isn’t dead. It just needs to be used the right way. For example, the best email marketing tools will allow you to send out a newsletter to users in your email list. To get users to sign up for this list, offer them another incentive such as locked content. 

9. Push Notifications

Push notifications will update users online when you add new content to your website. Online shoppers are used to this idea and respond well to this because it provides fast notifications of sales, promotions, and other helpful info. 

10. Find The Favorite Landing Pages

Finally, it would help if you found which pages drive the most return visitors. You can do this through the Audience section of Google Analytics. Once you recognize the pages that drive returning traffic, you can work to increase their optimization. Google allows you to compare the behavior of new and returning customers so you can easily see which pages both groups prefer. 

Bonus Tip: Get Help

If you’re having difficulty getting customers to return to your website, using these strategies can boost your RVR and ensure that your website is a more powerful marketing tool, helping you grow your company further. To learn more about pumping up your web traffic, contact Cooperata for a free consultation