5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses trying to reach their target customers, but not all email campaigns get results. Successful businesses need effective email marketing strategies. Several elements can affect the success of email marketing campaigns, and no one strategy works every time. 

Every business and customer base is slightly different and requires custom strategies to succeed. For example, some companies use single messaging for their email campaigns. In contrast, others segment their email lists to target specific customers. But generally, each email campaign has common elements that help it succeed. Below are six proven methods to get email campaign results.

Give a clear call to action. 

Giving a clear call to action tells your customers what you want them to do or what you want them to accomplish. It’s important because it provides measurable feedback to let the recipient understand and react to the content. Of course, effective CTAs can be as simple as clicking on a link or filling out a form. Still, extreme clarity will often mean the difference between leaving the email and click-throughs to your website. 

Create unique, engaging email subject lines.

A good subject line can get potential readers to open your message. It provides the promise that your email will be worthwhile for them to read. Interested readers are more likely to click on links and open your email when adequately constructed. An email subject line like: “Great news! The winner’s been chosen” is too vague, while “New Product Alert” might attract quite a few people who want to know more.

Here are a few tips for Creating a Unique and Captivating Subject Line:

  • Avoid over-used email template subject lines. It makes your company look like every other company.
  • Create subject lines that are short and clever.
  • Be specific about your content by using relevant keywords.
  • Generate interest with a creative headline or intriguing offer.
  • Combine multiple elements to improve your subject line.
  • Test your subject line using an online subject line tester

Use high-quality content in your emails.

When you’re sending out an email regarding a product or service, you’ll want to include compelling, helpful content for your audience. However, this shouldn’t be overly sales-oriented or promotional. People who receive emails like these are more likely to delete them.

An email containing high-quality content draws people in and keeps them returning for future campaigns. In addition, providing your audience with content that meets a need or solves a problem positions your business as a knowledgable authority. 

Campaign emails shouldn’t be overly complex. Email recipients get bombarded with emails throughout the day. As a result, their time is limited, and they’re very particular about what wins their attention. With this in mind, a simple direct email makes it easier for customers to read your email and act on it. 

Use email titles with variety.

The title of your email should include a variety of words and be simple to understand. People typically scan messages, so make sure your title is clear. In addition, the words within the title should be easy to read and easy to remember. When writing a new email, it’s always better to start with something simple or obvious. In this way, your audience will find it easier to remember your email.

It would help your campaigns if you created email titles consistent with previous mailings, so customers know what to expect. Additionally, it’s a good idea to avoid email titles with too many punctuation marks or long questions so you don’t trigger SPAM filters. Instead, check your email title for SPAMiness by using an online SPAM checker.

Personalize the email message.

An effective way to convey your message is to add a personal touch to what you send. Because consumers receive hundreds of emails a day, personalization helps your campaigns cut through the noise and stand out. 

Personalization helps humanize your emails. It makes your company accessible and available to your audience. Here are a few benefits that will enhance your campaigns:

  • You’ll get a better response rate. The more personable your email is, the better the response rate. Personalized messages are proven to do better than impersonal messages. 
  • Customers will remember your campaigns. Customers tend to remember campaigns that address them by name and cater to their specific interests.
  • It improves customer trust. Customers like to do business with other people and not automated bots. They want to know that a person is behind the message they receive.
  • It creates a better user experience. A personalized email improves the overall user experience for your customer. It lets your customers see an authentic business that is open and transparent about what they do and offer.

Final Thoughts

We hope you’ve found the techniques in this article helpful. The email marketing tips above will generally help provide a better return on your email campaigns. Implementing even just some of these methods will get you well on your way to having a successful campaign that works for you. 

If you have trouble getting things started, feel free to contact Cooperata for an experienced eye to save time and effort and improve your campaign content. 

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