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5 Simple Ways to Generate Email Newsletter Ideas

Email marketing is still an effective marketing tool for your business. As a matter of fact, over 80% of marketers surveyed still find it best for customer acquisition. It has roughly a 44$ to 1$ return on ROI. But how do you keep producing fresh content each week so your audience keeps coming back for more?

You’d expect the process to be easier over time, but it’s actually more challenging. Each new article seems to overlap all your super-charged content written in the past.

Below is a short list of easy wins for e-newsletter creators based on tricks and tips we’ve tested over time. We hope these ideas spark new content and enhance your email newsletter campaigns.

1. Teach ’em something!

Many customers find your business because they have a need or problem. Educating customers empowers them and helps them succeed. Some simple ways to do this include:

  • Solve a problem for them.
  • Offer free advice on how to use your product or service
  • Identify industry trends that your customers should know.
  • Create a downloadable whitepaper or checklist in your newsletter of useful information
  • Offer an infographic that explains complex information
  • Interview a knowledgeable expert in your industry
  • Make a list of “must-follow” social media sources
  • Invite readers to a webinar or small group that solves common problems or challenges

2. Talk it up and keep it real

Your customers like to know what’s going on and people like to hear good news. Company events, take-aways and recaps are all ways to capture their attention.

  • Talk about how your company is helping the community
  • Highlight a testimonial or success story of one of your customers
  • Talk about new services to help people understand the benefits and challenges
  • Inform readers about recent business partnerships and how they will benefit
  • Publish useful statistics about your company. Use simple charts and simple inforgraphics to help customers understand the data.
  • Share positive, current media coverage about your company. People like to associate with a winning team.

3. Engage and delight

Conversations with your audience create content and help customers relate to your business. It makes interesting reading and builds relationships. Here are some ways to help them interact.

  • Interview customers and create positive testimonials
  • Use polls and surveys and share the results with customers
  • Run a monthly photo contest and publish a gallery on your company website
  • Run a contest on social media. Giveaways, video and social challenges build interest around you brand.
  • Invite customers to review your prooducts or services online.
  • Send a happy birthday or anniversary message to personalize an email newsletter
  • Build online quizzes with applications like Typeform or Survey Monkey

4. Use technology to connect with the right audience

When you’re stuck trying to find keywords or topics to write about, the internet can help. There are many websites that reveal current web trends. You can even get a sense of what kinds of questions people are asking. Sites like these can help focus your efforts for creating e-newsletter content.

Brian Dean’s Discover Exploding Topics is a website that charts predictive web trends. It can help you discover hot topics getting ready to break out. 

Google Trends can provide some insight into internet searches. Creating newsletter content to answer trending topics can capture your audience’s attention. It can also impact your website traffic and SEO. 

Answer the Public is a site that charts questions people are asking about a specific keyword. This is useful in creating content that answers questions relevant to your customers. 

Like Exploding Topics, Glimpse helps discover trends before they take off.  Glimpse tracks every topic across the internet to identify growing trends.

5. Give ’em the ol’ “Razzle Dazzle”

Sometimes a quick boost will give your newsletter the momentum it needs. Here are some alternative ideas that you can add to your content routine to spice things up.

  • Embed videos to help customers find your YouTube Channel
  • Develop a tutorials series to help educate your audience
  • Tie your content into an upcoming holiday
  • Talk about related products or services that complement yours.
  • Rework an old newsletter with updated and improved content
  • Create a mystery link or online contest to intrigue customers
  • Highlight a special social media event to cross market services or products.

Keeping your email news fresh is tough, but inspiration is out there. Practice and leveraging internet tools can up your content game. Over time you’ll delight your audience and win new readership.  

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