7 ways Testimonials Can Benefit Your Website
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7 ways Testimonials Can Benefit Your Website

Many business owners think testimonials are just a good way to build brand loyalty. But there’s much more to be gained by using testimonials on your website.

We’ll walk you through 7 ways testimonials can help your website and explain how they can benefit your business. So whether you’re looking to improve your conversion rates or increase your customer retention—testimonials can help you accomplish both. 

77% of the customers who experience a positive customer service experience tend to refer the business to friends or family. When creating an engaging website experience, testimonials can be as powerful as product photos. So let’s discuss using them.

1. Testimonials build customers’ trust.

Customer testimonials from your past clients can help generate trust in your business. This can be a powerful form of advertising because it provides value to the reader. There’s inherent psychology and faith in referrals from friends, family, or customers who have had a positive experience. So, what’s the best way to get compelling testimonials? Begin building trust with your customers through quality service and reliable product delivery. Ensure your company is transparent with its operations and always honest with customers. Make it a habit to answer customer questions promptly and be available to resolve any service issues.

2. Pump up your company’s brand awareness.

Testimonials are an effective tool for building positive brand experiences. They can be used to prove your brand’s excellence to potential customers. For many, online reviews are an essential factor in evaluating a business. They’re used to help customers decide whether or not to buy something. The halo effect of testimonials is that your company makes connections you might not typically have. 

3. Word-of-Mouth testimonials benefit sales.

Verbal testimonials are still one of the best ways to increase sales conversions. They’re like subtle referrals. People who give testimonials, either in the form of reviews or as part of a sales pitch, are generally perceived as credible sources of information. And customers are much more likely to believe what someone else says. So video or audio testimonials on your website become practical sales tools for your company and its products and services by extension.

4. Testimonials provide social proof.

Social proof is related to how people are influenced by what they see. People tend to buy when they see others doing so. On the other hand, seeing others enjoy a positive experience sometimes creates a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) reaction. Either way, social proof can be very moving in regards to portraying your products or services in a positive light. 

Testimonials are a good form of social proof. Additionally, if you can create a video testimonial, it increases the odds of a sale substantially. The reality is that it’s much easier for someone to believe in your company if you’ve already shown them that other people do so.

5. It’s all about the experience.

Making a buying decision is time-consuming and challenging. Sometimes your best product features may be beyond what a new buyer might grasp initially. Having testimonials from purchasers like themselves helps reassure them that they’re making a thoughtful buying decision. Ultimately, it helps make their user experience on your website less stressful and more focused. 

6. Testimonials boost brand loyalty and build authority.

Good stories naturally captivate people, especially involving celebrities or industry influencers. So if your company has the opportunity to include an experience from someone like this, you’ll gain a powerful sales conversion tool and improve your company’s brand perception simultaneously. 

People trust their opinions when popular industry influencers endorse your products or service. As a result, they tend to pay attention to what’s said. So don’t be afraid to include high-profile testimonials in your online marketing strategy. The key is ensuring the testimonial provider is well-respected and that their values align with your brand’s philosophy and mission. 

7. Testimonials help your Search Engine Rankings

Many business owners overlook this vital aspect of their website. Still, Google values the trustworthiness of a site’s content over the number of backlinks it gets. As a result, you’ll see many websites backed up by real-life customer reviews. Google knows that sites with a high reputation for quality are better suited for search results and make their search engine seem more trustworthy.

Are testimonials worth the trouble?

Absolutely. There’s no questioning the power of testimonials to help your business thrive. Testimonials show your customers the value of your products and services. And they also show your potential customers that you’re trustworthy and reliable. As a result, you can turn more website visitors into customers to increase sales. 

If you’re wondering how to leverage testimonials for your small business, feel free to reach out to Cooperata. We can help you get started or help you find tools to make your testimonials work harder. For more information on testimonials, contact us or check out some of our other articles related to testimonials:

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