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Your company’s brand is more than a logo.

Your brand is the essence of everything your customers experience with your company. It’s more than, and not defined by, just the logo. Understanding your brand is critical to everything about your company – from the marketing collateral and advertisements to products sold to your customers.

Cooperata uses a simple process to help you discover, articulate, and understand your company’s brand. We’ll help reveal what’s at the heart of the emotional, true, and unique relationship your company has with its customers?

We’ll help you learn to communicate, grow, and live the brand inside and outside the company. Whether you need a complete rebranding or just a logo update, we’ll work with you to create a plan and process that addresses your company’s business challenges.

How often should you review your brand?

Your company should plan to review its brand every time it has a strategic planning session. This typically happens every 2-3 years. When your brand is reviewed, either internally or by a third party, document which brand elements work. Make a note of cultural or customer changes that might suggest an area where your brand can resonate or improve.

Plan for a brand update every 5 years. If possible, companies should work with a brand specialist or an outside agency to help update the brand. A brand update doesn’t necessarily mean a total redesign, but it may mean the focus and tone need adjustment. An example of this might play out as a mascot or spokesperson change to improve public perception of the brand.

Your brand represents your company to the outside world. Reviewing your brand helps make sure that your company’s public face is appropriate and well focused. A periodic brand review helps keep your brand fresh and will ensure it stays relevant to your customers.

Our Brand Review Process

We break our process into 3 parts.

Discovery and Strategy

The Discovery stage finds out and articulates what’s true about your company. You’ll learn what’s at the heart of your unique emotional connections to your customers? Several different methods accomplish this such as brand audits, on-site immersion, focus groups and brand audit reports.


Once everyone is on board and understands how your brand is defined, it’s time to put your brand blueprint into action by incorporating award-winning creative. This can play out in numerous ways such as: company renaming, revamped marketing collateral, new logos, enhanced digital marketing efforts or a new website.


Training and Support

Once your brand is fully live and underway, the next step in keeping your brand consistent through staff education and support materials. Cooperata will help you craft support materials and advise on the best ways to keep your brand in check and consistent with you new brand guidelines and focused marketing efforts.


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