Cooperata offers a full range of web design, branding and graphic design services specifically designed for small businesses and start-ups. Below are some examples of the projects we’ve worked on for other clients.

portfolio graphic
BodyWorx by Karina Stationery System

BodyWorx by Karina Stationery

yChurch Stationery

yChurch Stationery

WashPro Icon

WashPro Willy

Gray Report Website

BodyWorx by Karina Logo

Barbara's BodyWorks Logo

Barbara’s Bodyworks

Dan’s Pies

Invigorate Spa Website

Invigorate Spa


Min Min Stationery

Min Min D.D.S, Ph.D.

The Clarks Group Associates

The Clark Group Associates Website

Rose Hulman Echoes Cover

Rose Hulman Echoes Cover