Five website factors that may be discouraging online customers

You may not realize it, but your company’s website may trigger the wrong response and even frighten customers away. Below are five common ways your website may be turning customers away and what you can do about it.

Your website is static and unchanging.

Does your website sit there, lifelessly gazing into space, without any interactivity, no information, no list building, no versatility, and no chance to experiment or include brand-new things?

If your website is a vault of bland, dry pamphlet text and glassy-eyed stock photo models, it’s time to upgrade. Your business website needs to be intriguing and active, the center of your online and offline marketing, with vibrant and interactive material, numerous methods to produce leads and development, and analytics that provide insights you can use.

Treat your website like a living thing. Let it grow and adjust quickly to your customers’ changing interests.

Your website is full of outdated content.

It’s making you look out of touch if your website is just a scrapbook of old news. Worse, the fading memory of last year’s products and a dusty old newsletter from 2017 influences your trustworthiness, butchers SEO and turns away brand-new customers.

It’s time to upgrade to a modern-day Content Management System if updates are a struggle and your website is shouting for attention. Work with a content professional who can assist you and keep things fresh if you can’t discover the time.

Simultaneously, use your social networks. If you can’t stay up to date with a routine of brand-new material, remove the old stuff and focus on the platforms where you have one of the most engagement, like Facebook or Instagram.

Your website’s wearing the wrong brand look.

Your website can begin to change and lose its direction and focus, falling out of sync with your company’s brand.

The reality is that your site and brand are inseparable, wholly linked. A website is an always-on storefront ready to greet new visitors. As a result, more customers will connect and see your website more frequently than any physical brick and mortar store.

Does your website represent your brand name? Is it the very best of your products and services in action? Are things easy-to-understand, cleanly designed, and streamlined? Make sure your customers can discover what they need quickly and assist themselves.

Your website tries to say everything and ends up saying nothing.

Ask yourself this. What’s the main thing customers should do or understand if they look at your homepage for two seconds or less?

Keep your website user interface cleanly designed and focused. Cut out excess navigation and focus ruthlessly on just the most-needed and highest-value information and alternatives.

You have only a couple of seconds to make an impression throughout a message: the more mess, the less interaction.

Your website is a hodge-podge of janky interfaces.

Does your online store’s appearance, feel, and function anything like what customers expect from your website’s services? What about shopping carts, P2P payments, online apps, online account opening, and all those other online services?

Even if your website’s functions are great, they can wind up appearing like a duct-taped mess — not an excellent location for any brand name. Worse, the assortment of user interfaces can produce confusion, produce high support call volume, and even cause errors.

Coordinate your website designers and suppliers to bring all your online touchpoints into focus as much as possible. Your brand will thank you. The smoother the transition from service to service, the more trust your customers will have, and the more likely they’ll be to use these services.

If you need help modernizing and updating your website, contact one of our specialists at Cooperata. We can help your business with everything from new content to the full website makeover.

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