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Nusii is a SaaS online web service designed to help professionals take the grunt work out of submitting proposals.  Their product is purposefully simple and uses a nice clean design style. They have monthly and yearly payment options that range in price depending on how many active proposals your company needs each month. Customers can view your proposals online, make payments, and digitally sign approvals. They even have proposal templates to use as starting points.

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SEOPress is a WordPress Plugin designed to enhance your website’s Search Engine friendliness and indexability.  When used to its full extent, SEOPress can dramatically improve your Search Engine rankings and your potential customers’ ability to find you online.

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Termageddon is the longest-running Privacy Policy generator listed as a vendor by the  International Association of Privacy Professionals ( The company is founded and run by a licensed privacy attorney and is a great resource to keep your company’s privacy policy and terms of service always up-to-date.

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Testimonials are great for social proof to provide potential customers evidence that your company is the best for the job. makes the process simple. In minutes, you can collect video testimonials from your customers with no need for a developer or website hosting.

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Signaturely uncomplicates e-signatures. It's a service for getting your most important proposal, legal documents, property management agreements, PDFs and more safely and securely signed. Its legally binding and encrypted documents take the hassle out of getting paperwork signed off on. Start sending your documents and media securely.

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Fathom Analytics

Fathom lets you have complete control over data collected without compromising visitors' privacy. No cookies are used, so those ugly cookie notices are unnecessary.

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Beaver Builder Page Builder

Beaver Builder is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin that makes building websites intuitive and fast. With Beaver Builder, website owners gain the power to create sites visually without writing a single line of code. Beaver Builder is the ultimate tool for creating beautiful websites and landing pages in minutes, not months, making it the market's best drag-and-drop WordPress page builder plugin.

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