Website Hosting and Maintenance

Optimized WordPress Web Hosting and Peace-of-Mind

Many of our customers in the past have expressed their disappointment with Shared Hosting to power their WordPress CMS backed websites. The reality is that Shared Hosting seems great initially because of it’s low starting price-point, but over time, when hours of downtime, limited support, and slow website performance add up, it’s not really an effective business solution. To provide our customers with an optimized hosting environment for their websites, we created a Managed Hosting solution and a Website Maintenance service called Cooperata Webcare.

What is website maintenance and why would you need it?

Website maintenance is a website care service to keep your site healthy. When combined with our optimized Google Cloud web hosting, it helps your site run fast and efficiently. Up-to-date WordPress software is one of the simplest ways to deter hackers. If your site ever goes down, our 24/7 monitoring lets us know. How about backups? Website owners often neglect one of the most critical components of successful site recovery. Cooperata can help with all of these.

Website Maintenance Subscription


Designed for speed and performance.

To use the Cooperata Website Care, you must use our optimized web hosting, and read, agree with and accept all of the terms and conditions contained in this Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy before you may purchase a Cooperata Web Care Plan.

Regular Updates

Cooperata monitors WordPress and any plugin extensions 24/7 for updates. If there’s ever a software conflict, we fix the problem or offer a potential solution.

Daily Backups:

Daily backups are handled automatically and stored in a separate database from your website. Backups of your site are avaianytimey time you need a copy. 

Site Monitoring

Automated site monitors watch your site 24/7. In the event of a problem, our technicians are immediately alerted to any problem or intrusion.

Database Optimization
The database that stores all the critical content of your site can become a slow over time and occasionally needs optimization for performance.
Site Security
Basic malware and security scans are performed. We check to make sure your site hasn’t been blacklisted because of suspicious code.
FREE SSL Certificate
All Cooperata hosted sites receive a free SSL certificate. This encrypts data traveling from your site to our servers, a must for e-commerce sites.
Google Analytics
Each site is built with SEO in mind and Google Anlaytics baked in. We’ll help you measure your website’s performance and how your customers are using your site.
CDN Services
A Content Delivery Network can greatly reduce the load of your website and improve your page speed — especially if you site uses lots of photos.


We’re located northeast of Indianapolis at: Cooperata, 9796 Overcrest Drive, Fishers, IN 46037, USA. You can contact is using our  contact form to connect. We try to respond within 48 hours or better.


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